Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Exclusive Collections

New exclusive collection in Pothys

Pothy’s exclusive collection features classy and fashionable sarees in attractive delicate and net materials. It gives the perfect designer wear effect , this collection is combined with heavy embroidery and brasso mixing.

About Saree information

For long life, it is recommended to dry clean all silk sarees by a reputed dry cleaner, be it silk sarees of Hanloom, Powerloom, Printed, Crepe or Chiffon.

To prevent intermingling or mixing of colours (lighter colour body with dark colour border or vice versa) sarees have necessarily to be dry cleaner.

The first few washes should be plain cold water wash.

 After 2 or 3 plain water wash use a good detergent and clean sarees gently.

Do not bundle and leave the saree for a long time in wet condition.

Do not beat silk sarees while washing.

Do not machine wash silk sarees.

Dry the saree in shade and use mild iron.

Exclusive Sarees

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