Monday, June 29, 2015

How to accessorize with Indian Clothes

When you are wearing a traditional outfit, you need to accessorize to make sure your look is complete.

·         Pay attention to your jewellery:
Appropriate jewellery will only add grace to your outfit. Ideally you should not miss out on earrings and a chain. For example, if you are wearing a lehenga, you need to accessorise it with sufficient jewellery to complement it and  to look perfect. Wear jewellery according to the occasion and the look of your saree. Plain cotton sarees look best with light jewellery like terracotta. Opt for studs or a light dangling earring with a simple gold chain.  Also, remember to match your jewellery with the colour and work of your saree. A saree with silver will look perfect with silver or diamond jewellery whereas golden zari will go with gold sets.

·         Bangles :
One indispensable accessory for any woman attending an Indian wedding is bangles. They come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges and are the perfect accessory for following a colour theme. As pretty as it can get, these bangle designs have been changing for over so many years!

·          Pay attention to your bags:
Women’s bags are a necessity and a great style statement. Avoid bags embellished with beads, pearls, sequins etc. with your office going sarees. Reserve them for parties, festivals and other such occasions. For other ethnic wear, depending on the material and occasion choose your bags. Clutches that come in silk with motifs have been in trend lately!

·          Bindis:
Keep in mind your face shape and the occasion while selecting a bindi to go with your traditional wear. They come in all colours and styles from round, long, simple or with designs and even stones for that matter. People with round or square face will look good with bindis having some length. Long faces are apt for wearing round bindis.

Remember it’s all about mix and match when it comes to accessories. There are many more accessories that can be paired with our ethnic wear that we’ll be looking at in the future blogs. You can visit our store or check our site for some gorgeous ethnic accessories! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Trends for 2015

Latest fashion trends are something that all of us want to be updated at all times. It might not be possible to buy all the magazines to stay updated. So here is a quick glimpse into the colours, prints and trends that we can look forward to this season!

Colours: This season we can look forward to an eclectic mix of vivid hues, shades inspired from nature, soft pastels and neutral shades. From classic greens to marsala we will be seeing a wide range of colour combinations for this season.

Fabrics: Traditional fabric is going to rule the fabric charts this season! Apart from our favourite silks, we have a lot of other fabrics such as georgette, chiffon and cotton which are on the lighter side.

Prints: Prints have always played an important role in fashion. Florals, geometric prints, etc. To enhance these prints, mirror work, sequins, appliqué work is also used.

So, here are some tips to look gorgeous in Indian Ethnic Outfits!
Pick the perfect saree/ lehenga based on your body type.
If you are heavy on the top, do not wear fabrics that cling to your top portions.
Monochromatic Indian outfits make you look tall and less bulky.
Make sure you have the right accessories to go with your ethnic wear. Accessories like neck pieces, bracelet watches and sleek bangles and dangling earrings.
Once you know the kind of sarees will suit your body, next thing that should be taken care of is your blouse. Go for designer blouses and try different neck types based on your body.
Dark-coloured clothes create an illusion of being slim; where as you can totally go for lighter shades if you are on the skinny side.
Right footwear is yet another important thing that helps you to look perfect. Stilettos are just perfect to make you look chic in a saree, anarkali dress or a lehenga.

Here at Pothys we ensure to keep our collections up to date! So you can visit our store or log in to to find a gorgeous range of ethnic wear. Stay Beautiful!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Go Ethnic!

Chain :

Monday, June 15, 2015

A beautiful story behind every silk saree

India - a land of diversity, well known globally for its illustrious and ancient cultural heritage and a country of many traditions and cultural values. Every occasion from weddings to special celebrations or auspicious moments - are all marked by people gracing the occasion in charming and beautiful attires that are ethnic and traditional. Our favourite of these is the ever stunning silk saree.The luxurious silks sarees of India are known for lustre, class and timeless elegance!

Pochampally Silks: Pochampally Sarees or Pochampally Ikat are sarees made in Bhoodan Pochampally, Nalgonda district, India. The town is popularly known as the Silk city of India. Gorgeous Ikat patterns are woven in the fabric with a lot of care. These geometric designs are always in trend and ensure that they give a young look feel to the saree!

These sarees can be worn for a wide range of events because of the different types of prints that are available. If you are a little on the heavier side you can go for small prints and the blouse for these sarees can be simple and elegant which will help the saree stand out! 

Banarasi Silks: Banarasi silks are made from a fine variant of silk from the city of Varanasi , UP. These sarees are made from incorporating threads of gold and silver. If you are a bride to be then this is a favourite because of its royal aura
These silks can be worn for weddings and grand events as they are are grander are grandercompared to pochampally sarees. These are mostly preferred by brides as it gives a royal look!

Mysore Silk: This handspun traditional silk is known for its vibrant colours and minimalistic designs. Our Mysore silk sarees are so artistic and royal which makes it a complete treat to look at! These sarees give you the most comfortable and classy drape that you have been looking for!
We all know mysore silk is the most preferred saree by the ladies! These sarees can be worn by any age group. The colours of these sarees is the main highlight.

Kancheepuram Silks: These luxurious silks sarees are known for its luster, class and timeless elegance! Sarees from the Kalakshetra weaving center that ensure recreating all the forgotten motifs, thus making each saree a cherished possession. Inspired from our heirloom sarees, these feature gorgeous motifs that have a beautiful story behind it.  We all know any occasion is incomplete without our most favourite kancheepuram sarees. 

Uppada Silks:  Uppada silks are very famous in Andhra Pradesh. Known for the unique designs on them, they are made using the age old Jamdani method. Known for its zari work, intricate designs, light weight fabric these sarees make a perfect festive wear during summer!

To get a gorgeous variety of these sarees you can visit our store or log in to

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dress light at the perfect price!

Pothys’ ranges of casual wear sarees embody fashionable designs, breezy color combinations and bold patterns to give you a fresh view of fashion. They look very trendy and are suitable for many an occasion, from family get together to girls Sunday brunch. We have sarees of different materials for you to pick from.

This particular collection has a wide array of designs at very affordable prices! They are mainly made of Dupioni material.

Dupioni, is a crisp type of silk fabric and it can be woven into striped patterns, floral or other intricate designs. We make sure that the motifs on the sarees, the colours etc. are constantly being improvised on, and to make sure it’s perfect for every generation.

It is a light weight fabric and is a must have as it can be worn no matter how hot the weather in Chennai is. More importantly, it fits right into the budget of everyone who loves frequent shopping.

This is one line of sarees that has a wide range of collection and looks perfect on everyone! The creative touch on these sarees makes it perfect for every occasion, be it formal or non formal it will make sure you stand out in the crowd. These sarees can be paired with Silver or Kundan jewelry.

These sarees are very well known for its striking and unique material and brilliant quality. Therefore, to maintain the quality of this fabric make sure you use mild detergents and go for gentle hand washes. You can also iron these sarees at medium heat and it’s always better to avoid direct heat.

To check this ravishing collection you can visit our store or log in to

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Vasundhra Pattu

Woven with pure silk zari and half fine zari, Vasundhra pattu is perfect for any occasion. This alluring collection comprises of a wide range of colours and embellishments that vary from saree to saree. 

Vasundhra Pattu sarees have two beautiful sub-collections: Vasundhra Lite and Vasundhra Satin with a range so wide that you will definitely find a saree to suit every budget. A gorgeous range of light weight silk sarees with different motifs and colours to choose from, this collection is one of our favorites for this season!

Given a wide range to choose from, it is important to know what will look best on you!
First it is important to understand your body type. The body types we’re going to look at are: hourglass, apple, and pear, voluptuous and slim figures.

Hourglass: You have a lot of options to choose from if your body shape falls under this category. Netted sarees, Tissue sarees and Lehenga sarees are the saree types that are most preferable. When you go for silk sarees it is very important to make sure you choose small motifs and drape it the right way.
Voluptuous Figure: Chiffon, net fabrics, soft silk and georgette materials suit you the best. Opt for dark colours and delicate embroidery/ bead work. A good pallu is very important because it suits best when you don’t take pleats and let it fall.
Slim Figure: If you are slim, never go for thin materials such as chiffon. Always choose heavy silk sarees that will give more volume to your body. It is also important for you to make sure that you go for lighter shades and heavy embroidery or bead work.
Apple shaped figure: Heavy sarees are the perfect for your body type. Such as silk, crepe or any saree with a lot of work. Avoid netted sarees and other thin materials that will stick to your body. You can opt for silk sarees that have embellishments/ embroidery. Go for longer sleeved blouses and make sure the blouse colour is contrast to your saree. Make sure you drape your silk saree in a very simple way and let the pallu do the talking!
Pear Shaped: Make sure you go for simple silk sarees. Half and half sarees, chiffon, georgette and light weight silk works best for you. Bold and bright coloured sarees with beautiful thin borders and small prints work best for you! 

Hope these tips help you find the perfect saree for your body type. To find the perfect saree from our vasundhra collections & our other wide range of sarees you can visit our store or log in to

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Look Pretty In Pattu

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