Monday, January 26, 2015

Lingaa Collections

Fashion is an important part of our lives. Most of us keep track of our favorite magazines, shows and movies. Since the beginning of movies, the clothes that actors wear have had a great impact on fashion. Every new garment that comes in a movie sets a trend. It also inspires fashion bloggers to try looks that celebrities wear in TV shows or movies.
Adaptation in costume has always been a key to one’s overall look. Filmmakers and movie stars attempt to set fashion trends by experimenting. In the last few years the costumes for a movie have been exclusively designed. In some scenarios the particular clothing line is named after the celebrity.

We adopt our fashion sense depending on our surroundings. Sometimes it is hard to keep in track of change in fashion trends. The easiest way to follow fashion is by keeping track of movies. One such recent movie that captured the essence of sarees is Lingaa.

The movie Lingaa which was released on 12.12.2014 has definitely set a trend in sarees. The cast includes Rajnikanth, Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty. The female leads in the movie wore classy, elegant sarees.  Our latest collection is inspired by the saree looks that the 2 actresses donned in the movie. 

Purchasing fashionable outfit and accessories within your budget is possible now! To find out more about this alluring collection you can visit our store or log in

Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrity clothing at affordable prices

Every girl has her favorite style icon. Celebrity clothing is one thing that we've been following for years. We can always take some inspiration from them and include it in our wardrobe. This week at Pothys we have a new collection of celebrity designer sarees. Tamannaah's collections consist of trendy, vibrant designer sarees. These sarees can be worn for any occasion with a stylish designer blouse.

Let’s see what Tamannah has to say about her Style.

1. Comfort or style, what tops your priority list?
Comfort! There is absolutely no doubt about that. I need to associate with the kind of outfit or costume that I have been asked to wear. I am extremely uncomfortable in a tight garment as it becomes difficult to move around in it. If it’s comfortable, the outfit will always have my approval.

2. Do you add creative inputs when your stylist is putting together an outfit for you?
Yeah, I think that is essential. For example, if a stylist asks me to wear a net gown, but I end up feeling itchy in it throughout the evening, then wearing such an outfit is completely useless. So, in such circumstances, it is necessary for the individual to discuss the outfit in advance. It is better to decide beforehand on the outfit that one is going to wear, try it out and enjoy what you are wearing.

3. Do you like accessorizing your look?
 Not too much, but I am fond of dainty jewelry pieces, which are not too loud or in your face. I mostly prefer earrings, simple bracelets or a classic watch.

 4. Who is your fashion icon?
I really like the way Deepika Padukone dresses up. Apart from the obvious fact that she is absolutely stunning, she has made some really interesting appearances and her choice of outfits have always stood out.

It is a chance for you to shop some beautiful sarees from Tamannah Collection. For a wide range of designer sarees - Visit our store or log in

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pongal Collections from Pothys

The most popular and widely celebrated South Indian festival is just around the corner. Pongal is a very important four day long harvest festival grandly celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is the auspicious beginning of Uttarayan – the Sun’s six month long journey northwards. The Sun, the Earth and the cattle are worshipped on this day as a thanksgiving for an abundant harvest. Pongal is celebrated in the month of Thai (January- February) during which rice, cotton, mustard, sugar-cane and other cereals are harvested.

The word Pongal has two meanings: Pongal is the name of the dish cooked on this day and Ponga means “to overflow”. “Thai pirandhal vazhi pirakkum” - it is believed that all one’s problems will be solved and that good things will come this month. It also signifies the start of the wedding season for the year.

Colors for this festive season:

Red: This color stands for Purity. The most adorned color for weddings is Red. It also associates with strength, courage, optimism and love. Red is a shout out at weddings because it’s bold and bright.

Blue: Blue is the favorite color for everyone. The dark shade of blue signifies trust, intelligence, cleanliness, dependability and authority.

Light blue stands for peace and serenity. Blue looks beautiful for any event. Morning or Evening, blue is definitely a favourite!

Marigold: Marigolds are known as the “Herb of the sun”. A rich and vibrant yellow or a mix of orange and yellow. This color is so beautiful and traditional. This color is named after the flower Marigold and it signifies passion and creativity.

Green: Green stands for nature. This is the perfect color for this harvest season. Green enhances the mood and signifies happiness and a new beginning. Pongal being the harvest festival that is celebrated widely in South India, green is the perfect color for this season!

Some of the rituals are cleaning the house, exchanging gifts and wearing new clothes. Men go for Dhoti sets and women wear lehenga or sarees. Pothys has the best new collection in for this Pongal - a wide range of silk sarees and colorful lehengas. So it is time to shop for some gifts and new clothes! Visit our store or log in to make sure that you get the best for this Pongal!

Blue Silk saree with Elephant motif border
Blue Silk saree with Elephant motif border
Maroon saree with a heart shaped border
Maroon saree with a heart shaped border
Pink Silk saree with Floral motifs
Pink Silk saree with Floral motifs 
Golden Yellow Silk saree with Pink border
Golden Yellow Silk saree with Pink border

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

Revamp your wardrobe this New Year!

There’s something about the the New Year or a change in season that makes everyone want a dramatic change in their wardrobe and looks. But you don’t have to make any big changes to reinvent your style. Smaller changes and a little knowledge about the upcoming trends can add up to a big impact.

Here are few upcoming trends in colour, fabric and prints to watch out for this year. They’re quick and inexpensive.

Understated vivid hues, pastels shades and nature-inspired neutral shades are going to rule this season. From classic blue, browns, tangerine to aquamarine the color trends will have lots of variety.
Tinted Pastels: Color palette is going to be dominated by tinted pastels.
Orange is going to be the new black in the upcoming season. Get ready to witness shades of tangerine and coral, to crimson.
White: The versatile colour which is always in style is for those who love to play safe with colours.


Silks : Besides soft fabrics, this traditional fabric is going to rule the fabric charts in Spring/Summer 2015. We can witness many designers opting for silks in their designer collection this year.
Sheer: From chiffon saris to net lehengas the sheer fabric which once ruled the fashion world is back. Multiple layers of mixing and matching sheer fabric like net and lace is the new trend.

Embroidery & Embellishments:
Mirror Work, Sequins, Appliqué work, resham embroidery and Chintz inspired prints are trending in 2015. The floral embroideries and the kutch work embroidery can be seen adorning the saree borders this season.

Digital Prints:
The geometric patterns, tribal prints and illusionary prints are back with a bang. We can see the prints that are high on drama with a mix of prints and colors.
Floral prints never go out of fashion! Blooming prints, fine and delicate motifs, floral appliqué work and flower inspired designs never fail to impress the Indian fashion conscious women.

Jewelry & Accessories
Accessories this upcoming year is all about minimalism, saying that one can’t ignore the bling of jewelry. While last year nose rings ruled the jewelry trend, this year make way for stunning waist belts, ear cuffs and quirky headgears that elevate the style factor.