Monday, July 27, 2015

Trendy Kurta Neck Patterns

The very ethnic Salwar Kameez is a reflection of elegance, simplicity and comfort. As with all clothes it is very important to take your body type into consideration while picking the design. While deciding the neck design, the shape of your face and the body type plays an important role. 
There are a lot of ways in which you can stitch your kurta neck designs. Here are some for you!

1. Halter Neckline: The halter neck-line starts of two triangular points of fabric that run from the chest to the back of the neck where it is fastened with the help of straps. For women who are skinny or who have an hourglass figure this neck design would be perfect.   A halter neck salwar kameez design will expose the back entirely so make sure you find the right fit.

2. Boat Neckline:  Made to highlight your collarbones, these necklines look absolutely classy.  These necklines are the best because it’s compatible with almost all body types. If you have a petite frame your collarbones would be one best feature that can be showed off in this neckline.

3. U neck or Scoop Neck: These necklines go with any type of fabric. That’s one of the reasons why this is very popular. Deep U- necklines is best meant for women with small bust line. It’s a perfect neckline for when you want to accessorize a lot.

4. V- neckline: V necklines tend to make you look slimmer. Women with broader frame can totally go for this! 

5. Closed Neckline: This neck design has been trending the last few years. This neckline is not recommended for women with a heavy bust. If you want to look stunning in a crowd without any distractions then this is the perfect way to go about it! 

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Tips for Shopping

There is no such thing as “way too many clothes”. No matter how much we spend on shopping, it always ends up being worth it.  Here are ways to help you become a pro at shopping!

1. Make a list:  So, before you set off on your shopping trip, prepare. Review what you already have in your closet and then decide the things that you need. For example, when you go wedding shopping, make a list of the functions and the clothes that you need to buy for each of them. It makes the process of shopping much easier as you know exactly what you are looking for.

2. Set a Budget: Make sure you have a budget in mind once you make the list.  Especially when you are looking to buy a lot, it would be better if you have a rough number that you are willing to spend.

3. Don’t speed shop: When you are in a rush you might end up missing a lot of things. Especially if you are searching for something specific. Give yourself enough time to browse and try on different options.

4. Pick the best time for you. Shopping can be tiring and stressful if you don’t shop at a time that works well for you. So pick a time when you are most active and positive!

5. Make sure you don’t miss the sale: Sale is the best time for you to stock up on your wardrobe.
If you are a college student Kurtas, chudidhars and leggings are the essentials in your wardrobe. So instead of shopping last minute, save more by shopping during the sale!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Must – Have Ethnic wear in your wardrobe!

There are a few staples that your wardrobe always needs.  When it comes to Indian wear, it could be for office, college, casual, weddings, and very many occasions.  Below are some of the must-haves in your wardrobe!
• Sarees: This six yard of absolute elegance will make you look stunning in any crowd. It is important to have a diverse range of sarees in your wardrobe. Be it silk, cotton or chiffon, each type and material works for a different occasion. For example silk sarees are perfect for weddings, whereas cotton sarees can be worn for your office event or your college farewell.
• Kurta: The most comfortable outfit in our wardrobe would be our kurtas. Be it short kurtas or long, we know our wardrobe is always stocked up with kurtas. Chic or casual, Kurtas can be paired with churidar pants, patialas, salwaar or jeans. Make sure you have a varied collection of kurtas based on fabric, style and the prints.
• Leggings: Since the time leggings were introduced it became one lesser tour to the tailor shop.
These are versatile and very comfortable. For basics it is important to always have black, white and red which will suit almost every kurta. Apart from that you can go for printed leggings or any other bright shades. For short kurtas it is better to go for patialas. Always make sure you have cotton or any other light weight fabric & basic shades that can be paired easily.
• Blouse: I’m sure all of us own a golden blouse which pretty much suits all our sarees. There are 4 neutral colours that you can stock up in your wardrobe - Black, Maroon/Red, White and Gold.
You can also experiment with mirror work blouses and color blocking blouses which will give you a chic and trendy look. 
• Accessories: Accessories makes you help complete your look for the day. Starting from a simple earring to a grand jhumka, you can always stock up on different types of accessories that are available. For example a big grand jhumka can turn a simple Kurta to a perfect reception wear. So, it is always important to have a wide range of earrings, chains and other versatile accessories.  

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Aadi Sale!

This festival is celebrated for the birth of the Tamil month of aadi. This falls between July 15th and August 15th, the beginning of the fourth month Aadi of the Tamil calendar. It is believed that the Sun God changes the direction of his chariot from north to south, so this is celebrated as a festival.

The festival pays tribute to water's life-sustaining properties. For the blessing of mankind with peace, prosperity and happiness, Nature worship in the form of Amman deities are carried out to shower Nature’s bountiful grace on human beings. Prayers and pujas are offered to appease the powerful goddesses and seek their protection from the ominous aspects that are often linked with the month. This is an auspicious month when farmers begin to sow and the retailers begin to slash prices!
Also, starting this month the heat of the sun reduces and the rains start. The monsoon season starts just before Aadi. Every Fridays and Tuesdays, women in the neighborhood meet and do pujas together as it’s considered to be auspicious.

Aadi and sales go hand in hand together. Interestingly our aadi sale starts from the first of July and goes on till August 15th. This Aadi, it's time to stock up your wardrobe with all the clothes that you have always wanted to own! You can also gift our neighbours and other people around you during this aadi season.

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Happy Shopping :)