Thursday, January 28, 2016

Be the Show Stopper!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And the wedding season is back!

A traditional Indian wedding is a unique experience - you will witness a wide array of food, rituals, vibrant colours and dances blended together in one long celebration. While there is no set dress code, as the bride you definitely don't want to look under-dressed at the various events.

Panic mode usually sets in when you realize that you have a wedding round the corner and that there is a lot to be done in very little time. What happens then? - You shop in a hurry, miss out on many things, lose track of time and end up feeling or looking incomplete! Before you go shopping here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

· Keep it Comfortable: Considering weddings go on for a long time, make sure you choose the outfit you are most comfortable in.

· You are the Bride: You are going to be surrounded by bling. Weddings are a place where people prefer to wear more vibrant shades and showy fabrics. Do ensure your ensemble stands out amongst all your guests. If you prefer simple clothes, then you can compensate it with the accessories you choose!

· Colour it up: Choose the right color depending on the venue and time of the event. Try going for the colors that are eye-catching -Neon, Fuchsia or go for the classics such as Red and Gold.

With this being the start of the wedding season, we have some ensembles to inspire you!

Reception is ideally the best time to dress up in a trendy manner! We suggest you chose a Designer saree that has heavy stone work all through the saree or embroidery along the border of the pallu and match it with lightweight jewelry or try the opposite way- pair a plain saree with heavy jewelry.


When it is time to tie the knot, go for the bold, bright and beautiful tradition outfit. After all, what is marriage without tradition? Also don’t hesitate to be dressy! When we mean dressy-choose the grand Silk Saree, pick the right jewellery, and wear just the right amount of make-up.


So you want to try something fancy yet traditional for your Sangeet/ Cocktail party? Worry not; we have a design handpicked for you! These Readymade Suits are gorgeous and easy to wear. Perfect for you to let down your hair and dance the night away!


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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Melodious hues of Blue & Pink

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Must-Haves for the year!

2015 has been an incredible year for all of us who love fashion! Marking the onset of making bold statements, 2016 will see a range of new age prints, blending of traditional fabrics with modern techniques.Here are some of the must-haves in your wardrobe for 2016!

Festive fusion: Yes, we are talking about stunning floor length Anarkalis! Looks like a gown, has gorgeous ethnic prints and definitely makes you feel like a princess! These Anarkalis have been in trend from 2015 and we are sure it is here to stay. These can be worn to any occasion, be it a day time office event or a birthday party in the evening.


Everlasting Sarees: A women’s wardrobe is never complete without sarees. Here at Pothys, we try incorporating the latest trends into our beautiful sarees. Stone work, a current favorite for this year is constantly being made better and better with a wide range of design and color options.


- Soft silks: Comfortable sarees that can be easily draped is always in trend! This is the go to option for different age groups. Pair your soft silk sarees with stunning designer blouses to take it to a whole new level! 


- Contemporary Lehengas: Lehengas are royal, luxurious, gorgeous, and can be worn at numerous occasions. Floral prints have been taking over this season. There are a variety of floral prints and colors that one can choose from. Floral prints are a must have in your wardrobe this 2016!


Graceful Chudhidhars: This season, simple and classy chudhidhars are going to be among the most preferred! They are comfortable, classy and lend you a very elegant look. Try different length and pattern options to make sure you look absolute best this 2016.


Ethnic Accessories: Days are gone when women tried to go light on jewellery. Heavy neck-pieces, danglers, jhumkas, bold rings and bangles are in trend this year. Accessories are the best to complete any look! Not just the contemporary accessories, but ethnic ones too have a wide range of options too!

If you would like to be updated on the current trends for 2016, do follow our blog! To own these gorgeous clothes in your wardrobe, visit our stores or log in to

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pongal- Thamizhar Thirunal

Marking the end of Winter, Pongal signifies the start of Summer. It is celebrated for four days as a way of expressing gratitude to Nature. In a way, Pongal is the Indian Thanksgiving. Each of the 4 days is devoted to a different element of nature - on the 1st day Bhogi, the prayers are offered to Fire. On the 2nd day, the important element of nature, the Sun is worshiped. Farmers decorate and worship Cattle on the 3rd day. 4th day (Kaanum Pongal) is meant for Families to reunite and spend the day together.

Here are some of the traditions/customs followed during this festival!

-Cleaning the household: The first thing people do before this festival is cleaning their households. They discard clothes, utensils and other unnecessary household items. The idea behind this is to start new and fresh.

-Food: During Pongal, families gather to make the most delicious Pongal. The most authentic way to make Pongal is on a fire hearth using a clay pot, water, rice, sugar and other main ingredients. It is served on a banana leaf.

-Sugarcane: Another important custom during Pongal is eating sugarcane.

-Decorations: Families decorate the house with flowers, sugarcane and kolam before this festival. Kolam, which is made from rice powder, is a traditional decoration of South Indian homes.

-Gifts: Exchanging of gifts between family, friends and relatives is another custom.

Here are some of the Traditional outfits worn during Pongal.

-Men – Dhoti, an Indian traditional outfit especially worn by men on auspicious occasions and festivals. Apart from this Kurtas are also preferred by men. Elderly people go for angavastram.

-Women – Silk sarees, cotton sarees, and silk cotton are the most preferred by women. The young girls and women wear a lehanga and half sari respectively.

-Kids: For girls pattu pavadai is the attire and ethnic kurtas for boys.

To browse and shop from our absolutely stunning collections this Pongal, visit our site!

We wish you a prosperous and happy Pongal.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bringing you the Best!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Saree- Limitless Grace!

Sarees are considered to be traditional, but recent times have proved that it has outgrown that tag and can be worn with a contemporary twist.

You may have seen many Indian actresses and other famous celebs wearing sarees in different ways to award functions, public gatherings, etc bringing back the old heritage into practice. Saying that, we still see a majority of women stick to the regular style, owing to their hesitation to try something different and only a very few really dare to take the offbeat route!

With people all over the world experimenting with draping styles, abstract patterns, eccentric colour combinations, blouse designs, pairing with funky accessories... and the list goes on; why should one hold oneself back? After all no women is too old to stick to one kind of material, drape , colour or design! So go ahead, be playful and drape your way to a stylish new you!

To get yourself started in 2016 we have put together a few options:

Tussar silk, despite its slightly rough texture, is an ideal material to wear on a cold, foggy day! It is one amongst the many silk varieties that is stiff yet comfortable. Women who feel silk sarees are heavy-duty must check out Tussar Silks!


These mesmerizing Samudrika Sarees, are designed with such care and caution that no two sarees are of the same design, making it hard for women in selecting just one!


The craze for Banaras sarees hasn't changed with time and it tops every girls saree wishlist. Why? Because of two reasons- 1. It is still considered to be one of the traditional sarees 2. Intricate embellishments and unique compositions!


We may have witnessed several revolutions with respect to fashion, but Cotton Sarees still rule the day! They can be worn to various occasions in versatile ways and are the most popular material for saree wearing fanatics. Take a look at our collections.


Walk into our store or visit our site at to shop from the widest range of collection! You can also gift your loved ones gift cards from Pothys.