Monday, November 24, 2014

What to wear to a wedding?!!

Wedding silks

 When one gets a wedding invite, the first thing that comes to mind is what to wear for the different events and how to look different from everyone else. Everything else takes a backseat and dressing gets to the fore front if it is a friend’s wedding! Here are some tips that might help you gear up for a wedding:

1. Your outfit should definitely represent your own personality and suit your age.

2. Teaming up with embellished blouses enhances the beauty of the saree.

3. For a pastel shade saree, a dark contrasting blouse will suit well.

4. A halter neck blouse will suit a sheer soft silk.

5. An ornamental blouse is all it takes to look opulent. Go for a stunning looking ornamental blouse that matches the saree.

6. Keep it simple with accessories when you go for a rich looking silk saree.

7. A clutch is a must, when you decide to be a showstopper. The colour and texture of the clutch should suit your clothes.

8. Matching footwear is also a must, to complete the look. Embellished and metallic shades are most preferred to pair with silk sarees and designer sarees.

9. Fish tail braids are very much in now. Sport one for a trendy look! Go with curls and waves for a plain saree for a perfect look!

10. Go for a heavy American diamond stone studded necklace for a simple saree and choose a long earring with a simple chain for a grand saree.

11. Eye makeup and your lipstick should rightly complement your saree colour. Never look made-up and always go for a subtle makeup.

12. Above all always carry a smile to enhance all that you are wearing!

Yellow Saree
Vasundhra Pattu

Monday, November 17, 2014

Style it your way!

Salwar kameez is the most comfortable outfit for women of all ages in India. There are numerous styles and patterns that one can get. The unstitched or ready to stitch salwar kameez comes in varied colours and fabrics which can be tailored to your taste.

Every woman wants her clothes to fit her perfectly and that is the biggest advantage in buying ready to stitch material. All you have to do is go to your tailor or designer and select a style according to your taste and the latest trend. You can choose if your neck should be high neck or low neck; regular fit or slim fit: choose the sleeves - short/semi long / long sleeves.

Nowadays women prefer to adopt different styles and customized outfits to stand out in the crowd. For them even the texture of a dress material is crucial. The touch, the very feel of the attire, the work on them and the comfort factor all go hand in hand when it comes to choosing a salwar dress material. A huge disappointment hits them when the dress they love is not available in their size. Had there not been beautiful ready to stitch, customizable salwar material, their dreams of wearing a good fitting salwar kameez in the pattern they love would never have come true!

When it comes to getting hold of the right unstitched anarkali dress material, you have nothing to worry about! If you want unstitched suit pieces according to your taste, preferences and the current trend, then visit Pothys Boutique where you will find all types of unstiched suits in different fabrics like georgette, chiffon or cotton and in a wide range of colours for both women and young girls.

Monday, November 10, 2014

It's Wedding Season!!!

Weddings are an occasion where everyone wants to look their best. Every woman loves getting dressed for a wedding, even if it is not her own! But it can be tricky deciding what to wear to the main events, which are the muhurtham and the reception. Also, the smaller events like the bridal shower, mehendi, nalangu and next-day brunch sometimes also come without a prescribed dress code. Don't worry! We’ve got your back there. In order to avoid all sartorial guessing games, we've broken down the looks, both by occasion and preference.

While the functions vary according to each family and their traditions, most mehendi and sangeeth have a few things in common: it's an evening affair, and the family (meaning ladies of all ages) will be there. Consider keeping your look classic. It's always better to play it safe — while adding your own signature twist. A statement-making, traditional soft silk saree is the perfect showpiece for a mehendi or nalangu ceremony and you can pair it with a traditional potli bag and necklace to add more grace to your traditional look. It's a combination that'll earn praise from everyone around.

For main events like wedding and reception, you can try a lovely kanchivaram saree with traditional motifs and long earrings. Go with classic colour combinations to stand out in the crowd.

This wedding season, Pothys Boutique has stocked up a collection of sarees that are perfect for any wedding that you're going to this season!

Look lovely in this 1.Green Vasundhra Pattu saree and match it with this 2.Traditional Necklace Set and a 3.Potli bag

Dazzle in this 1.Blue and Purple Samudrika  pattu saree. Pair it with this 2.Long earrings and 3.Bangle

Monday, November 3, 2014

Magical Patola Weaves

Patola sarees are some of the finest hand-woven sarees. They are well known for their bright and vibrant Indian colours. Patola sarees generally have basic design motifs like animals, flowers, human figures and birds. But nowadays modern geometric patterns interwoven with traditional folk motifs are becoming more popular. They are single Ikkat woven sarees made out of silk. The name ‘Patola’ is derived from the word ‘Patulu’ which is its plural form.

This type of saree was once worn by only royalty and aristocracy. Both the warp and weft threads are wrapped to resist the dye according to the desired pattern of the final woven fabric to create the patola saree. This process of tying is repeated for each colour that is to be included in the finished cloth. The technique of dying both the warp and weft before weaving is called double ikat. The bundles of thread are strategically knotted before dying. These are made in Patan, Gujarat, India. The sarees are created using the resist dying technique. It can take from six months to one year to make a saree.

The Rajkot Patola sarees are vertically resist- dyed (single ikat). Every saree is one of a kind as it is created entirely with the imagination and skill of the weaver. It is no wonder they are called the ‘Queen of Silks’.

Pothys presents you the most beautiful and enchanting Patola Silk Saree in your dream colours and designs. The silk threads have been blended it with care and precision to meet your high expectations.

Rajkot Patola with Elephant Motif in Pallu
Blue Saree with Elephant Motif in Pallu
Orange and Pink Patola Saree
Orange and Pink Patola Saree 
Royal Blue Rajkot Patola Silk
Royal Blue Rajkot Patola Silk
White Patola Saree with Zari Border
White Patola Saree with Zari Border