Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pothys Two day Unmissable sale in London!

Pothys is spreading the magic of Indian ethnic wear in London!

Pothys will be present in London for a two day sale cum exhibition in London. This event is slated to happen on October 4th and 5th in Hilton Wembly hotel, London. Pothys, the South Indian textile giant of 90 years, will be present in London for the first time to display their collections. Pothys will be showcasing over 1000 handpicked Kancheepuram silk sarees, Vastrakala silk sarees, Designer wear, Lehenga cholly, Anarkalis and much more in this 2 day sale. Pothys is well known for its traditionally inspired designs and motifs on their sarees and ethnic wears in South India.

This exhibition cum sale is organized by TAMIL HINDU WEDDINGS. Registration is not required to visit this exhibition and there is no entry fee. London being the place where Indians are the largest foreign – born group, this exhibition featuring Ethnic Indian outfits will be a great hit among them. The visitors will love getting the physical look and feel of Pothys’s latest collection of Indian ethnic wear. The magic of shopping along the streets of Chennai will be recreated by Pothys in London.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mayuri, a Symbol of Beauty!

Motifs represent a theme, an object or creativity or an idea. Motifs have been used in jewelry, clothing or home furnishings in India for more than a millennium. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular motifs used in India is the peacock motif. Peacock has earned the glory of being the national bird of our country and Hindus consider it as a pious bird. Peacock is associated with Lord Krishna and Lord Muruga according to Hindu Mythology.

The peacock feathers consist of many colors including the crescent sheen of bright blue and green. A phenomena known as interference gives the shimmer in the feathers of peacock where each feather consists of tiny flat branches of feathers.

Recreating the unique color of the peacock feather has been a challenge, but a favorite, to Indian craftsmen over the centuries. It has been a distinct feature of Indian jewelry and clothing and is not a trend that emerged in recent times. This motif has the old world charm which makes any saree, lehengha or a bag a style statement while exhibiting its ethnicity and tradition. Peacock motifs have ruled the fashion industry for many years and it continues to be experimented in different ways.

A saree or a lehengha embellished with peacock motif or an embroidery work will make you stand out in a crowd since it gives a royal and prestigious look. The gorgeousness of the peacock motif would go well with weddings or any occasion which requires you to be dressed up to the nines.

Inspired by Indian roots and tradition, Pothys presents a wide collection of sarees with peacock design in different forms. Be it an informal gathering or a formal one, you can never go wrong with these sarees with the peacock motif.
Violet and Pink Saree
Violet and Pink Saree with Peacock Motif
Blue and Pink Vastrakala Pattu Saree
Blue and Pink Vastrakala Pattu Saree
Pink and Black Kanchipuram Saree
Pink and Black Kanchipuram Saree
Blue and Purple Mysore Silk Saree
Blue and Purple Mysore Silk Saree

Thursday, September 4, 2014