Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cricket Season!

Cricket Season!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sarees for a Summer Soiree

Dressing in summer has always been a challenge.  But during the summer months when it’s blazing hot, it’s easy for those basic outfits to fall a little flat. So this summer we have introduced a new range of designer sarees. One might think designer sarees are heavy and grand but this new range of designer sarees is vibrant and made out of lightweight fabrics.  

So here are also a few ways in which you can drape these gorgeous lightweight designer sarees:
1.The dhoti style drape: Popularized by many film stars, this new way of wearing the saree seems to be quite a hit. It is worn in a fashion similar to the Maharashtrian style of draping but with a modern twist to it. When worn with delicate materials like chiffon or net sarees it can wonderfully enhance a tall and delicate frame.

2.Use belts: Pairing your saree with a belt is the latest fashion trend. It will help you acquire that perfect hourglass without much effort. It will make you feel feminine, taller & elegant!

3.The saree gown: It effortlessly combines the sensuous style of a saree with the elegance of an evening gown to create the ideal outfit for the contemporary woman. It usually comes in a pre-stitched form, but many even prefer to drape it this way. A delicate silk or chiffon saree works best with long blouses to create the impression of a lovely, flowing gown. It is usually draped a little low on the waist with a very thin pallu over the shoulder to show off the form fitting blouse.

4.Jackets: While wearing saree, you must be willing to go all out. Swap those old blouses and opt for silhouettes that are contemporary and modern instead. You can even pair it with a kurti or a jacket to give it a stunning look. Be bold and fearless but don’t forget to keep it simple! 

5.Crop top Blouses:You can switch your simple blouses with a gorgeous crop top and then drape the saree just the way you want to. Go for a striped crop top with a plain saree or a velvet crop top with a bright saree. 

These are some simple ways to make sure your saree draping for this summer is trendy and stunning! To get some beautiful designer sarees that will make you look feel as light as a feather you can visit our store our log in to




Monday, March 16, 2015

Love for Silk Sarees!

Our love for silk sarees is never ending. They are timeless, eternal and absolutely gorgeous. There are
many different types of pattu sarees. At Pothys, our designers bring immense joy weaving the most alluring attire ever in the name of Vasundhra pattu. This saree adds grandeur by its rich embellishments and unique designs. The saree is woven with pure silk and half fine zari and is a must-have in your collection.

Know more about the place from where we get our gorgeous silk sarees: `

Popularly known as The Silk City, Kanchipuram is referred to as South India's place for Pattu. It is famous in India as producers of exquisite and much sought after saris, especially for weddings, many with elaborate borders, heavy embroidery and embellishment work and gold threads.

According to history, the town became famous during Krishna-Deva Raya’s reign when 2 weaving communities, the Saligars and the Devangas moved there from Andhra Pradesh. Their move to this tiny town was credited to the hundred plus beautiful temples, which would thereby attract many silk saree clad women for the various religious functions. This vocation continues to be the primary profession of the people living in and around the temple town.

Pattu podavais are an extravagance and hence special. They are an essential component of South Indian weddings and celebrations. The heavy saris with their rich weave and gold borders are very well-liked, particularly in South India. Be it simple contrast border sarees or those with gold zari dots and patterns, the sarees are unique and elegant with their exceptional and beautiful colour combinations.

To find pretty pattu sarees you can visit our store at GN Chetty Road, Chennai or

Monday, March 9, 2015

Salwar Season!

One of the ethnic Indian outfits that occupy the most space in any Indian woman's wardrobe is the salwar-kurta. Being the most comfortable and the most adaptable outfit, it certainly deserves a special and large space in every girl's closet. Moreover, under the hands of modern day fashion designers this ethnic outfit has now transformed into fashionable attire for style conscious young ladies. Thanks also goes to the modern day Bollywood divas and ramp models who have worn the salwar- kurta for all kinds of functions, occasions and fashion shows.

Some tips on buying designs that will make you look thin & gorgeous:

1. Length: Longer length kurtas are not just in fashion but also have a tendency to make one look tall and slim. While, your kurta should always be a few inches longer than your knees, avoid short kurtis. Long heavily flared kurta will make you look smart and elegant.

2. Fabric: Despite, the latest rage for fabrics like net, tissue, and organza, try to avoid them if you if you want to look slimmer. You can go in for equally stylish fabrics like crepe, chiffon, cotton silk and georgette for a flattering appeal. While, most fabrics look good on slim women, very thin women should avoid materials that have a tendency to stick to the body like crepe and chiffon.

3. Colour: Go for lighter shades like yellow, blue, pink & white. However, if you are on the slimmer side and have a fair complexion, pastel colors such as peach, lilac, aqua, or soft green can make you look charming.

4. Footwear: A highly effective fashion tip is to wear high heels whenever you want to feel or look thin. No matter what color, design, fabric, or style of your salwar kurta, you can look slimmer in an instant. All you need to do is to just slip into your favorite pair of heels.

5. Stitch it right: Last but not the least; you should be very careful of the design of your salwar kurta. If your outfit is stitched well and fits you nicely, it can automatically make you look graceful, attractive and slimmer. So pay extra attention to the fitting; your dress should neither be figure-hugging nor too loose. While, there are a number of salwar kurta designs available like anarakalis, A-line suits, short kurtis, asymmetrical salwar kurta, chinese collared long kurta and long kurtas with palazzos, the designing and style of your salwar kurta depends on your style and body type.

Here at Pothys, we have a wide range of stitched & unstitched salwars just for you! Visit our store or log on to to find gorgeous collections!



Monday, March 2, 2015

Pamper the Diva in you!

God’s finest and beautiful creation - A woman is a symbol of power. International Women's Day is celebrated world over every year on the eight day of March. It celebrates womanhood and pays tribute to the indomitable spirit of women across the globe. The theme of this Women’s Day is ‘Make it happen’. On this beautiful day it is most important to pamper yourself and the ladies around you. It is a well known fact that women love clothes and shopping. To make it easier, here at Pothys we have introduced a brand new collection for this Women’s Day!

Elevate your personal style with these helpful tips that will make fashion feel effortless:

1. You can practically double your wardrobe by experimenting with different layering combinations. A jacket with a salwar for example can make it look very trendy.

2. Add some bling: Accessories play an important role. A simple chain, necklace or studs — then add longer, statement-making items on top of them. Clutches can do wonders for traditional clothes.

3. Try different colour schemes: Colours can have a great impact on your mood. You can try a subtle look which consists of neutral hues, like tan, gray, and navy, which will help make plain look chic and classy. If you are a person who loves colours then you can opt for a bright look. It’s easy to incorporate a mixture of colours to your wardrobe. A little bit of color on your body just sort of brightens your mood.

4. Draping makes a difference: There are many different ways to drape a saree or a lehenga. Each time depending on the occasion you can try a different style. Sometimes we are afraid to repeat our clothes. In situations like these, draping techniques can be followed. If accessories are added it would make it a whole different look.

5. Spring's hot trend you're going to want to be all over: Printed clothing. Patterns come in all shapes and sizes, as do the clothing they're printed on. A geometric print that somehow doesn't deter us. Chevron prints, triangle-patterns, floral prints, paint-splatter are some of the prints that’s been featuring in the best fashion magazines.

Pothys presents you the most beautiful and trendy traditional clothes in your dream colours and designs. Visit our store or log on to