Friday, August 19, 2011

Pothys New Sarees Collections

Pothys is popularly known as Aalayam of Silks, and very famous for Silk Sarees, our collections are very unique and attractive colors with all types of silks like Kancheepuram sarees, Micro print sarees, Crepe silks, London Georgette and Designer Sarees with embroider and stone work sarees. The reason why designer Saree are gaining more importance with each passing day is that most women prefer not to wear anything runs of the mill, they want something exclusive which makes a style. Designer Saree display an assortment of embellishments such as embroidery, stonework, decorations, bead work etc. Pothys have the great range of new collections in Designer sarees.

Every women want to see themselves very gorgeous and unique every time, especially when there is any special occasions or festivals. Most probably Indian women choose Sarees, pattu sarees, silk sarees and now the most famous one is the designer sarees not because it is one of our traditional, but the look she gets in a Saree is really different from any other wardrobe. Thats why is Saree is said to be staple attire of Indian women wardrobe.

Pothys stand as an undisputed leader in the textile industry especially for silk sarees for all occasions. Their exclusively hand designed Pothys sarees include Samudrika, Parampara and Vastrakala. The Pothys weavers have portrayed all the admirable designs in all collections. Samudrika pattu (silk) means a saree which has all the beautiful characteristics. The Pothys weavers have portrayed all the admirable designs in the Samudrika Pattu and thus it stands as a first choice for the bride in a marriage. Parampara pattu is the jacquard work on the traditional kancheepuram silk saree giving an outrageous look. Vastrakala pattu is the combination of kancheepuram silk and embroidery work of north India.

Pothys also has ordinary kancheepuram silk sarees with good design and range. The party wear sarees are exquisite designer sarees which is ideal for social gathering and festivals. Pothys has exhibited a new range of Kutti sarees (Kids sarees) for children. Pothys has a distinctive advertisement style. There advertisements always have a grace an everlasting endurance. 

Pothys offers greater customer satisfaction and no wonder they were chosen as the best by Sun TV – AC Neilson survey.  Pothys also tries to inculcate good habits among the children by giving saplings to grow and by giving piggy bank to save money. They stand high in quality and offering competitive price when compared to other one.


balibrar said...

this really nice have many varities and gracefull colors. so i like it.

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Angarkh said...

Really, This is nice collection of sarees. Many new sarees are available in marketing this brand new sarees style. some sarees are also available here

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