Thursday, January 26, 2012

Theme Silks

Pothys Textiles is the “Aalayam of silks” Pothys named different types of pattu sarees like Samudrika Pattu, Parampara Pattu, Vastrakala Pattu and it’s recently introduced the new Pattu saree named Vasundra Pattu. These all types of pattu sarees have the unique collections. 

Theme Silk Sarees

Theme silk sarees is the new and unique collections of sarees and each saree is designed and created based on the Theme, so its named like Theme Sarees.

Theme Sarees

This saree in Merron color pure kancheepuram silk saree with pure 100 % zari, themed with the “hundred Deepam” in affordable cost.

This saree in navy blue color with sky blue border handloom weaved pure kancheepuram silk with zari, and its themed with “Lakshmi Thiru Kalyanam”.

This green color kancheepuram silk saree will express the theme of “Love” Kaaviya Kathal.

This saree in violet color with sky blue border kancheepuram silk sarees handloom weaved and its themed “Sashtiapthapoorthi”.

This saree in majentha color with pure zari kancheepuram silk saree handloom weaved themed with our Tamilnadu tradition marriage it is “Mangalyam Collections”