Monday, October 20, 2014

Celebrate Diwali In Leela Fancy Sarees!

Celebrate Diwali in our exquisite Leela fancy saree collection!

With Diwali just around the corner, we bring you stunning Brasso and Georgette embroidered sarees from the Leela collection. 

Brasso which is known for its uniqueness in which the layers are burned to form the design is used in our Leela collection. We have created dramatic effects and colors that are not possible with simple dye methods, with Brasso. Brasso fabrics are in vogue and are now often seen in beautiful Indian sarees. The chiffon Brasso fabrics have a flattering drape that is well suited to a saree. The vibrant colors and special effects also compliment traditional saree styles.

Georgette is a translucent, lightweight fabric that has a fine grainy surface which is soft to the touch. It is ideal for dresses, blouses, Indian sarees and Lehengas. Originally made from silk, Georgette is made with highly twisted yarns. Georgette fabrics are in vogue. Our Leela collection features sarees in sheer Georgette fabrics that are available in myriads of colors and designs.

Orange and blue Half & half saree
Orange and Blue Half & Half Saree
Violet Designer Saree
Violet Designer Saree
Maroon and beige Designer saree
Maroon and Beige Designer Saree
Yellow & Maroon Designer Saree
Yellow & Maroon Designer Saree