Monday, November 24, 2014

What to wear to a wedding?!!

Wedding silks

 When one gets a wedding invite, the first thing that comes to mind is what to wear for the different events and how to look different from everyone else. Everything else takes a backseat and dressing gets to the fore front if it is a friend’s wedding! Here are some tips that might help you gear up for a wedding:

1. Your outfit should definitely represent your own personality and suit your age.

2. Teaming up with embellished blouses enhances the beauty of the saree.

3. For a pastel shade saree, a dark contrasting blouse will suit well.

4. A halter neck blouse will suit a sheer soft silk.

5. An ornamental blouse is all it takes to look opulent. Go for a stunning looking ornamental blouse that matches the saree.

6. Keep it simple with accessories when you go for a rich looking silk saree.

7. A clutch is a must, when you decide to be a showstopper. The colour and texture of the clutch should suit your clothes.

8. Matching footwear is also a must, to complete the look. Embellished and metallic shades are most preferred to pair with silk sarees and designer sarees.

9. Fish tail braids are very much in now. Sport one for a trendy look! Go with curls and waves for a plain saree for a perfect look!

10. Go for a heavy American diamond stone studded necklace for a simple saree and choose a long earring with a simple chain for a grand saree.

11. Eye makeup and your lipstick should rightly complement your saree colour. Never look made-up and always go for a subtle makeup.

12. Above all always carry a smile to enhance all that you are wearing!

Yellow Saree
Vasundhra Pattu