Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrity clothing at affordable prices

Every girl has her favorite style icon. Celebrity clothing is one thing that we've been following for years. We can always take some inspiration from them and include it in our wardrobe. This week at Pothys we have a new collection of celebrity designer sarees. Tamannaah's collections consist of trendy, vibrant designer sarees. These sarees can be worn for any occasion with a stylish designer blouse.

Let’s see what Tamannah has to say about her Style.

1. Comfort or style, what tops your priority list?
Comfort! There is absolutely no doubt about that. I need to associate with the kind of outfit or costume that I have been asked to wear. I am extremely uncomfortable in a tight garment as it becomes difficult to move around in it. If it’s comfortable, the outfit will always have my approval.

2. Do you add creative inputs when your stylist is putting together an outfit for you?
Yeah, I think that is essential. For example, if a stylist asks me to wear a net gown, but I end up feeling itchy in it throughout the evening, then wearing such an outfit is completely useless. So, in such circumstances, it is necessary for the individual to discuss the outfit in advance. It is better to decide beforehand on the outfit that one is going to wear, try it out and enjoy what you are wearing.

3. Do you like accessorizing your look?
 Not too much, but I am fond of dainty jewelry pieces, which are not too loud or in your face. I mostly prefer earrings, simple bracelets or a classic watch.

 4. Who is your fashion icon?
I really like the way Deepika Padukone dresses up. Apart from the obvious fact that she is absolutely stunning, she has made some really interesting appearances and her choice of outfits have always stood out.

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