Monday, April 6, 2015

The Silk Route

A 90-year legacy of quality and design which began in Srivilliputhur, has today become a household name in textiles.  When it comes to silk, there is no better place than Pothys to buy the finest that the skilled hand can weave and creative mind can visualize.  
Let’s look at some of our very own in-house brands:

         Samudrika Pattu: A woman’s beauty is unparalleled, unmatched, and indescribable. The ancient Vedas say that a woman who reflects all the attributes defining beauty is fortunately endowed with Samudrika Lakshanam. Extending this philosophy, we at Pothys have created unique designs mirroring all such desirable qualities. Samudrika Pattu mirrors the kind of perfection, elegance, beauty and grace, found only in a genuine Kancheepuram silk sarees. 

      Vastra Kala Pattu: A blend of time-tested tradition of Kancheepuram silk with the intricate handwork of the North, achieved with the skill of master craftsmen.  Only Pothys with over 90 years of traditional weaving expertise could create such as masterpiece as Vastra Kala Pattu. This brand is a product of class, truly for the woman of substance. You can wear these gorgeous, shimmering sarees for receptions, parties and glitterati functions.

         Parampara Pattu:  As the name suggests, each Parampara Pattu saree mirrors the glorious tradition of a pristine era. The saree is unique in its weave with the framed Uppada Jacquard work on  Kanchi Pattu giving it a traditional yet uniquely contemporary feel. Our scriptures say that if a woman celebrated 1000 Poornimas, by wearing different flowers for each Poornima, then she would be divinely blessed. We have chosen the most beautiful of them all, woven in each Parampara Pattu to give you for the first time in the world, a saree with 1000 flowers.

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