Monday, May 4, 2015

Budget Shopping

As much as we love looking at and wanting what celebrities wear, our budget always plays a big role in what we finally buy. At Pothys we constantly keep adding to our collection, designs that will make you look amazing yet are affordable.

Summer is a season when a lot of us prefer dressing light. Staying cool — literally speaking — is at the top of our list when it comes to qualifying clothing. That’s why it is important to get practical when it comes to the budget and the fabric.

Reasons why you should wear cotton in summer

• Cotton allows for better air circulation, and helps in absorbing and removing body moisture caused by sweat. It therefore minimizes fungal breeding by keeping your body dry and cool.

• Lightweight and light-coloured cottons will help the light to pass through instead of being absorbed and hence you will not feel the heat as much. If you wear loose clothes instead of tight fitting clothes, there will be ample space for the air to pass through.

• Cotton helps in bringing down the severity of any allergic reaction and is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Heavy fabrics on the other hand cause rashes, skin allergies and body odour as they tend to trap moisture.

• So this summer, make sure you bring out all your cotton clothes, preferably light coloured ones, your sunglasses, hat or a scarf and get ready to embrace the heat!

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