Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Care for your saree this monsoon

It’s that season of the year.Unlike summer, clothes need extra care during monsoon season. Different sarees need different care, but on a general note follow these:

• Don’t let a saree dry outdoors for a prolonged period of time. The dampness in the air during this season can form fungus and moulds on it.

• Never hang sarees on iron hangers or wires as these tend to rust when there is moisture in the air.

• Make sure the place where you store it is dry and not exposed to the moist air.

Light Weight Sarees:

Light weight and delicate sarees like, chiffon, cotton, crepe, georgette, tissue and net can be managed with much ease. Wash as instructed and few minutes in the sun should be enough. But make sure the sarees are dried completely to avoid a musty smell.

• Don’t wash sarees with embroidery and embellishments together or in a washing machine.

• Get them dry-cleaned because detergents are harsh on the embroidery and sequins. The threads start to loosen up and eventually the saree will lose its shape and the sequins might lose their color.

• When one stores sarees for extended periods of them they tend to fade. Try steaming -to retain the colors of the saree.

Silk Sarees:

• Always dry-wash/dry clean silk sarees but if you wish to hand- wash, use mild shampoo instead of detergent.

• Wash the pallu, border, zari separately to avoid staining.

• Dry the saree immediately after wash but not in direct sun light. Once the saree is dry, wrap it in cotton cloth and store in a cool dry place.

• Sarees need to be aired every 3 months and they need to be refolded so that the saree does not tear on the fold line.

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