Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Safe & Fashionable Diwali Clothing

Diwali – is the homecoming of Lord Rama, and is celebrated in India with Diyas, sweets, clothes and gifts. This Diwali go traditional with Cotton sarees, designer sarees, silk sarees, Embellished Salwar Suits, and Lehengas. With very many options to pick from it is important to make sure you wear safe and fashionable clothes during Diwali.


Tips to make sure your clothing is safe during this Diwali:

1. Watch out for your dupatta: It is advisable not to wear the dupatta when you go for the fireworks celebration. Since the dupatta hangs freely on your shoulders and dangerously close to ground level where all the fireworks are.

2. Avoid Patiala salwars: A lot of us buy kurtas and suits for Diwali. Instead of wearing Patiala, go for leggings or jeans because it is safer around fireworks as they are more fitted

3. Saree Draping: Saree is an epitome of elegance for Indian women and what better occasion to wear them than on Diwali? The only word of caution here would be to make sure your saree is tied neatly, and the pallu does not hang loose. Tying a silk saree is easier than a designer saree but the best thing to do in any case is to pleat the saree neatly and stuff one end of the pallu around your waist.

4. Saree Length: The length of the saree should be taken into concern while draping. Tie it a little higher than you normally do so that the lower hem of your saree does not end up catching fire. You can also wear wedges or raised platforms to avoid this scenario.

5. Fire Resistant Material: Who said that there are no gorgeous sarees in fire resistant material? Instead of chiffon and gorgette go for jute, silk cotton or cotton sarees that do not catch fire as quickly.

This Diwali we hope you have a beautiful time with your family and friends! It is important to be safe too. To help you with that we have a wide range of collections in different price ranges. To find the perfect clothing for this Diwali, you can visit our store or log in to www.pothys.com . You can also gift your loved ones a gift card from Pothys for this Diwali!