Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And the wedding season is back!

A traditional Indian wedding is a unique experience - you will witness a wide array of food, rituals, vibrant colours and dances blended together in one long celebration. While there is no set dress code, as the bride you definitely don't want to look under-dressed at the various events.

Panic mode usually sets in when you realize that you have a wedding round the corner and that there is a lot to be done in very little time. What happens then? - You shop in a hurry, miss out on many things, lose track of time and end up feeling or looking incomplete! Before you go shopping here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

· Keep it Comfortable: Considering weddings go on for a long time, make sure you choose the outfit you are most comfortable in.

· You are the Bride: You are going to be surrounded by bling. Weddings are a place where people prefer to wear more vibrant shades and showy fabrics. Do ensure your ensemble stands out amongst all your guests. If you prefer simple clothes, then you can compensate it with the accessories you choose!

· Colour it up: Choose the right color depending on the venue and time of the event. Try going for the colors that are eye-catching -Neon, Fuchsia or go for the classics such as Red and Gold.

With this being the start of the wedding season, we have some ensembles to inspire you!

Reception is ideally the best time to dress up in a trendy manner! We suggest you chose a Designer saree that has heavy stone work all through the saree or embroidery along the border of the pallu and match it with lightweight jewelry or try the opposite way- pair a plain saree with heavy jewelry.


When it is time to tie the knot, go for the bold, bright and beautiful tradition outfit. After all, what is marriage without tradition? Also don’t hesitate to be dressy! When we mean dressy-choose the grand Silk Saree, pick the right jewellery, and wear just the right amount of make-up.


So you want to try something fancy yet traditional for your Sangeet/ Cocktail party? Worry not; we have a design handpicked for you! These Readymade Suits are gorgeous and easy to wear. Perfect for you to let down your hair and dance the night away!


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