Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Samudrika - Sankya Lakshanam

Our flagship saree collection - Samudrika - is the perfect choice for the bride-to-be. You can take our word for it, because it is not just any silk saree but a craftsman’s finest piece of work, crafted to sheer perfection with heart and soul!


There can be a range of options from which the bride can choose from her muhurtham saree, but sophisticated and esteemed attire in the bridal trousseau is Samudrika.

So why is our Samudrika popular with brides? Because this is the only saree that carries the virtues of the perfect Muhurtha Pattu! The virtues being classic, exclusive, unique, including traditional artwork, in a pure Kancheepuram Pattu Saree. Sounds compelling, doesn’t it?

Picture your wedding, where you’re dressed in our Samudrika collection looking regal and resplendent, stealing the entire crowd’s attention while your groom's sight fixated on you! What more can a bride ask for?

We all invest a lot in recording the important details of the big day, through invitations, photographs, videos etc.; the joy in revisiting the whole experience is beyond the scope of explanation. Pothys has come up with an innovative concept in making the big day extra special!! Presenting Sankhya Lakshanam - the rare art of weaving names of the bride and groom in the Samudrika wedding saree.


The concept has been welcomed by many couples and has set a new trend in Bridal wear!

This idea is not just for new, young couples but is also a good gift for couples who are celebrating their 20th, 40th 60th wedding anniversaries!! The concept has evolved from weaving names to important dates like- mother's or the baby’s name along with the seemantham date.

From weaving names and dates, we have taken this thought to whole new heights where an entire photograph can be woven in the silk saree!!!


Kamal Haasan was taken aback when he heard the significance and exquisiteness of Samudrika in an exclusive interview with our MD Mr Ramesh, even cracking a joke, “At this speed, Pothys can weave an entire movie in a single saree!”

You have heard enough about our Samudrika - Sankhya Lakshanam! Go ahead, visit our showroom to get one for yourself!