Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Divine Shades of Gold- from Pothys

In India, Gold is adored, loved and worshipped!

India's love affair with gold is eternal, across centuries and millennia. It is much more to us than just a precious metal. - It is part of our culture and our belief system.

In Hindu folklore, some of our goddesses are described as golden-hued, the definitive in beauty. Gold, as the source of purity and splendour, is referred to as the seed of Agni, the God of Fire. Manu the ancient law-giver decreed that golden ornaments must be worn for particular ceremonies and occasions.

It is thus considered a sacred item in the Hindu way of life and is a necessity in every holy function, the reason being that Gold is pure having passed through fire in its process of evolution. Indians perceive the metal as a representation of purity, prosperity and good fortune. Hopeful and positive, Gold adds a luminosity and warmth to everything with which it is associated.

It is thus not surprising at all that gold has become an integral part of modern day events and functions. Given its versatility, it can be used in different designs, paired with different colours and accessories. Just a hint of Gold can enhance one’s look immediately. Pothys has many a design in the different shades of this divine colour.

Silk in Hues of Gold
This traditional maroon and gold silk saree with intricately woven pallu will make you praiseworthy!
Art Silk
Add a glamour factor to any festive occasion, in this art silk saree with a dash of purple.
For both a grand yet stylish look, this half and half silk saree with rich zari pallu is a perfect choice.
Saree with Leaf Motif
The leaf motif all over the body and stone works on the pallu add beauty to the brilliant hue of gold.