Monday, August 11, 2014

Aadi – Divine Feminine


                    Aadi being in the air, divinity surrounds the atmosphere everywhere. Festivals like Aadi Pooram, Varalakshmi pooja in Aadi are celebrated to mark the fresh inflow of water into the river and waterways during the south west monsoon season. One such festival is Aadi peruku. Aadi Perukku signifies prosperity and heralds good times in the lives of people. Prayers are offered to establish connection with the goddess Durga.

                         From the dawn of history, worship of the Goddess has been popular and predominant in the rural areas of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.  They call goddess Durga as “Mariamman “in Tamil, where “Mari” associates to the rain.  This goddess is related to fertility and rain.
To thank this goddess various festivals are celebrated. The month marks the joyous period of farmers for they celebrate it with the good harvest.

                        Varalakshmi  Pooja is also celebrated during the mid month of aadi. Women fast during this day for the wellbeing of their family. This again is the prayer offered to goddess Varalakshmi, which is the one of the other forms of Goddess Durga.

                        Festivities are marked with new clothes in Tamilnadu. The Goddess is adorned with silk sarees as a part of offering the prayers. With weddings a strict ‘no no’ this season, people dedicate this month as the thanks giving period to the Nature god. 

                        Silk sarees , Silk dhoties and Pattu pavadais are generally the festive clothes that people opt for. Shimmer and shine becomes a part of every festive occasion’s clothes.
This season is also marked with slashed prices on clothes from retailers as an act to let people celebrate in their best clothes. With the season fast coming to a close and the Aadi Sale almost coming to an end, it’s time to stock up your wardrobe with the newest of clothes from Pothys!

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