Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paisley- Timeless Elegance

The paisley motif resembling a twisty teardrop is of Indian and Iranian origin. Its western name derives from a small town called Paisley, in West Scotland, a centre for textiles where paisley designs were made.

The mango motif which is generally called the "ambi" (amb means mango in Punjab), "kairi" (mango seed) or "manga" in India, "boteh jegheh" or "butain" in Persia and "paisley" in Britain, is one of the most enduring symbols in the design world, its origins dating back to the 18th century or earlier.

The paisley motif represents life and eternity for some, a symbol of rebellion for others. The traditional motifs always symbolises something and there is a reason behind it. Indians have used the paisley designs in rangolis as they are considered auspicious. Where as in China, two paisley is fitted to form a yin-yang depicting a symbol of life’s many dualities and their interconnectedness to each other.

Paisley designs are one of the most sought after patterns in South India. It is prominently used in our kanjeevaram sarees as they depict fertility and abundance. It is one of the widely used designs by the Indian designers and they have worked with the paisley motif at some point in their career, while some have spent their lifetime exploring its form.

There are many ways in which the mango motifs are incorporated in ethnic and indo-western wear. It can be a plain old simple plump silhouette, or frilled on the sides, or the elaborate multi-colour shape adorned with flowers and leaves. In whatever form they are incorporated in, paisleys never fail to evoke a sense of elegance, grace and lush beauty whether on a piece of fabric or jewellery. These mango motifs are steeped in Indian tradition. So, when you spot a paisley design the next time, remember the timelessness of its elegance and the historic stories embedded in its simple yet enigmatically curvy form.

Though the trends and styles have changed over time, we still draw inspiration from these traditional and classic designs of Indian origin and make necessary changes to them to suit the taste of our newer generation. Stock up your wardrobe with these ethnic outfits with classical mango motifs which are always in vogue!
Pink and Blue Mysore Silk
Pink and Blue Mysore Silk
Green and Yellow Patiala Suit
Brown Kancheepuram Silk
Pink Saree
Pink Mayuri Menpattu
Nakshatra salwar
Nakshatra Black Salwar Suit