Monday, February 9, 2015

Celebrate the Day of Love in Style!

It will soon be that time of year when our thoughts turn to loved ones. Valentine's Day is one of our most popular holidays, which falls on the 14th of February.

Valentine's Day is a time to exchange gifts with your loved one.
A girl never says no to clothes. So this Valentine's Day gift your special someone with beautiful sarees, lehengas and salwar suits. To make it even better, you can shop the perfect colors that associate with love.

Let's see some of the colors associated with Love:

  • Pink: As we all know pink is the combination of Red and White. Pink is the color of universal love. Pink also represents compassion, tenderness, kindness and generosity. It is a comforting color that associates with nurturing. It is also believed to have healing powers and bring about serenity, relaxation and good health.

  • Red is the color of fire, it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love. The color red is the basis of the traditional wedding sarees, red ties and the red carpet for celebrities and VIPs. Red color is believed to increase enthusiasm and interest, boost energy, increase confidence, and offer protection from fears and anxieties. A red rose without thorns is a symbol of passion, love, and romance. While a red rose with thorns is typically associated with the journey of love, meaning that it can be fulfilling and delicate. For Christmas and Valentine’s Day, Red is the color that is mostly preferred.
Pink & Red are the colors associated with Love. So, this Valentine’s Day it is time to pull off a complete Red/ Pink Look! Experiment with these shades and have a great Valentine’s Day. Here at Pothys we have a wide range of Pink & Reds to make shopping experience easier for you! To find out more about this collection you can visit our store or log on to