Monday, February 16, 2015

Floral Wardrobe this Spring season!

It is no secret that ladies love flowers; and floral printed fabrics have been in since the 20th Century. The floral print originates from the East and Asia. They symbolize femininity, and they showcase the beauty of Nature.

Floral prints have a rejuvenating effect because of their strong Spring/Summer associations. Twists on birds, flowers, Aztec prints, branches and vines present an awareness of our rich floral history.

How to wear floral prints?

1. Experiment with colors and patterns! Now is the time to try out some of Spring’s bold, colorful floral prints.

2. Choose a print: With so many types of floral prints to choose from, it’s important to choose a pattern that works with your personal taste and style. Flower designs can range from dainty and delicate to big and bold, each kind carrying its own personality and character. If you prefer styles that are simple and sophisticated, try looking for a print that features small, miniature flowers. This is not only appropriate for the office and work place, but is a great way to bring in a feminine touch. If you're the type to rock statement patterns, a print featuring larger flowers will work best for you. Look for bright colors, vibrant designs and eye-catching details.

3. Use Accessories: Wearing accessories is one of the most tried and true ways of wearing any kind of pattern, and the same can certainly be said for floral prints. Even just one accessory is enough to brighten up an otherwise plain outfit. Larger items such as tote bags, hats and scarves can add some major color to a look, while jewelry and belts can bring in a light dose of floral fun. It’s a good idea to have several flower patterned accessories in your wardrobe, because you’ll never know when your outfit will need a little extra something. Even if you don’t plan ahead, a floral accessory is an easy way to add instant style.


We have incorporated these beautiful floral prints in our casual sarees to make this spring season better! Floral prints can be worn by any age group. These prints are subtle, delicate and absolutely gorgeous!

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