Thursday, June 4, 2015

Vasundhra Pattu

Woven with pure silk zari and half fine zari, Vasundhra pattu is perfect for any occasion. This alluring collection comprises of a wide range of colours and embellishments that vary from saree to saree. 

Vasundhra Pattu sarees have two beautiful sub-collections: Vasundhra Lite and Vasundhra Satin with a range so wide that you will definitely find a saree to suit every budget. A gorgeous range of light weight silk sarees with different motifs and colours to choose from, this collection is one of our favorites for this season!

Given a wide range to choose from, it is important to know what will look best on you!
First it is important to understand your body type. The body types we’re going to look at are: hourglass, apple, and pear, voluptuous and slim figures.

Hourglass: You have a lot of options to choose from if your body shape falls under this category. Netted sarees, Tissue sarees and Lehenga sarees are the saree types that are most preferable. When you go for silk sarees it is very important to make sure you choose small motifs and drape it the right way.
Voluptuous Figure: Chiffon, net fabrics, soft silk and georgette materials suit you the best. Opt for dark colours and delicate embroidery/ bead work. A good pallu is very important because it suits best when you don’t take pleats and let it fall.
Slim Figure: If you are slim, never go for thin materials such as chiffon. Always choose heavy silk sarees that will give more volume to your body. It is also important for you to make sure that you go for lighter shades and heavy embroidery or bead work.
Apple shaped figure: Heavy sarees are the perfect for your body type. Such as silk, crepe or any saree with a lot of work. Avoid netted sarees and other thin materials that will stick to your body. You can opt for silk sarees that have embellishments/ embroidery. Go for longer sleeved blouses and make sure the blouse colour is contrast to your saree. Make sure you drape your silk saree in a very simple way and let the pallu do the talking!
Pear Shaped: Make sure you go for simple silk sarees. Half and half sarees, chiffon, georgette and light weight silk works best for you. Bold and bright coloured sarees with beautiful thin borders and small prints work best for you! 

Hope these tips help you find the perfect saree for your body type. To find the perfect saree from our vasundhra collections & our other wide range of sarees you can visit our store or log in to