Monday, June 15, 2015

A beautiful story behind every silk saree

India - a land of diversity, well known globally for its illustrious and ancient cultural heritage and a country of many traditions and cultural values. Every occasion from weddings to special celebrations or auspicious moments - are all marked by people gracing the occasion in charming and beautiful attires that are ethnic and traditional. Our favourite of these is the ever stunning silk saree.The luxurious silks sarees of India are known for lustre, class and timeless elegance!

Pochampally Silks: Pochampally Sarees or Pochampally Ikat are sarees made in Bhoodan Pochampally, Nalgonda district, India. The town is popularly known as the Silk city of India. Gorgeous Ikat patterns are woven in the fabric with a lot of care. These geometric designs are always in trend and ensure that they give a young look feel to the saree!

These sarees can be worn for a wide range of events because of the different types of prints that are available. If you are a little on the heavier side you can go for small prints and the blouse for these sarees can be simple and elegant which will help the saree stand out! 

Banarasi Silks: Banarasi silks are made from a fine variant of silk from the city of Varanasi , UP. These sarees are made from incorporating threads of gold and silver. If you are a bride to be then this is a favourite because of its royal aura
These silks can be worn for weddings and grand events as they are are grander are grandercompared to pochampally sarees. These are mostly preferred by brides as it gives a royal look!

Mysore Silk: This handspun traditional silk is known for its vibrant colours and minimalistic designs. Our Mysore silk sarees are so artistic and royal which makes it a complete treat to look at! These sarees give you the most comfortable and classy drape that you have been looking for!
We all know mysore silk is the most preferred saree by the ladies! These sarees can be worn by any age group. The colours of these sarees is the main highlight.

Kancheepuram Silks: These luxurious silks sarees are known for its luster, class and timeless elegance! Sarees from the Kalakshetra weaving center that ensure recreating all the forgotten motifs, thus making each saree a cherished possession. Inspired from our heirloom sarees, these feature gorgeous motifs that have a beautiful story behind it.  We all know any occasion is incomplete without our most favourite kancheepuram sarees. 

Uppada Silks:  Uppada silks are very famous in Andhra Pradesh. Known for the unique designs on them, they are made using the age old Jamdani method. Known for its zari work, intricate designs, light weight fabric these sarees make a perfect festive wear during summer!

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