Monday, September 14, 2015

The Art of Wearing a Saree

Draping a saree is definitely an art. Before you start draping a saree, keep in mind that you must be comfortable wearing it. If you want perfection, practice is the key. Saree Draping requires skill building and practice both. Play with different style drapes and you will master it soon. Most of us consider it to be a very difficult task but here are some tips to make sure your saree is draped very well.

1. Always use many small pins, be it gold or silver color pins (depending on the saree). Small pins make sure to hold your saree and avoid big pins because they tear your saree.

2. For an office look, pinup your pallu as it’s bound to be more comfortable and easily manageable. It also gives a smarter look. For a party look, you can just leave your pallu loose. 

3. There are many other ways in which a saree can be draped. But before you pick one style make sure you take into consideration the fabric of the saree, your body type and the event.

4. Petticoat: Make sure your petticoat matches your saree and it’s a perfect fit for you. Ensure it is not too flared and is tied properly. The length of the petticoat also makes a difference because if it is shorter, your legs will be visible and it might look odd.

5. Women who are on a heavier side go for fabrics such as Georgette, Chiffon, and Soft Silk because these will stick to the body and help you look thin. In case of silk sarees, go for Mysore silk, Chanderi silk, Silk Cotton as they are not too voluminous and heavy.

6. Slim women can purchase heavier and stiffer fabrics such as Silk, Cotton, Tussar, Tissue, etc. because these will add some extra volume to your body. If you are slim and tall you can try thick borders and bold prints.

7. If you are short, then go for small borders, simple prints and dark colors. You should avoid sarees with big borders as they make you look shorter.

8. Silk, Tissue, Tussar, Organza and Cotton sarees are very difficult to handle. Make sure it is ironed properly, or else they will look very untidy no matter how you drape it.

9. Keep your heel size in consideration before you start draping your saree. 

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