Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Planning a Monsoon Wedding

Planning a monsoon wedding
Monsoon weddings can be plenty of fun and a perfect romantic setting for your wedding.  But there are some things that need to be planned out in advance so that there are no hassles in the last minute. 
The Theme for Monsoon Weddings: 
You can use rain as the theme for the wedding and go for a venue that will look perfect for the same. Bright colored drapes and simple floral arrangements will add vibrancy to the otherwise gloomy weather. Using crystals and colorful umbrellas will make your wedding super fun and romantic. Go for classic monsoon songs at the reception. A photo booth can also be arranged. 
Venue:  Your choice of venue for a monsoon wedding is the most important. A monsoon wedding should always be an indoor affair to avoid surprise showers. If you prefer an outdoor wedding then go for waterproof tents. You can also go for venues with big windows as it would make a gorgeous backdrop. Choose a large banquet hall because people enter with footwear marks, leading to soaked entry points. 
Fashion Tips for Monsoon Weddings:
Brides should skip wearing heavy embroidery, velvet, brocade and fabrics that are heavy. Instead go for chiffon, georgette, tissue, net and crepe. These fabrics are softer and even if you have to make a quick run you can avoid getting caught in the rain.
Grooms avoid heavy sherwanis and opt for simple designs in light weight fabrics. Make sure your blazers are not too heavy. 
Experiment with color if you are having a monsoon wedding. Bright colors and neon shades will look vibrant and suit the dull weather. 
Jewelry: Choose traditional jewelry for the wedding and western ones for other functions. Diamonds, white stones are perfect for a monsoon wedding. They shine in the rain and give a lovely look!
Go for simple footwear so that you get the grip even if the floor is wet.  You won’t have to worry about your high heels getting ruined especially if you have an outdoor wedding. Make sure you wear your heels just before you go up on the stage and not before that.

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