Thursday, February 25, 2016

A woman’s biggest woe!

A woman’s biggest woe- not to repeat clothes! They simply don’t want to repeat the clothes that have just worn, be it at the workplace, in college, at parties, events, functions etc.

Keeping this in mind, we at Pothys, always have the best new collections in stock! We improvise in all aspects- fabrics, colour combination, designs. We do a periodic fashion & trend check, to keep you all updated. What’s unique about Pothys is that, you will find a touch of tradition in all our designs tailored perfectly to blend in with the modern culture, eventually making it the right choice that stands out from the crowd.

When dressing on a daily basis becomes a task, dressing for a party is altogether a different issue. Every occasion demands a new outfit. We got that covered too!! To match your expectation, we have lined up a spectacular collection. Here’s a peek:

For an Ethnic Brunch: A contemporary long chain, silk saree along with a pair of kitten heels and a big bindi, will give you the complete look for an ethnic brunch.


For the date night- when you want to look ravishing on your date night, this readymade Anarkali will do the magic. Pair it with simple elements like a light earring or a stud, a thin bracelet, and stilettos. You’re now set to sweep him off his feet. 


For the office party- when it comes to an official party, you will be expected to be in a formal attire. But who said you cannot look formal in a saree? Try wearing a silk cotton and look smart with a touch of elegance.

For the cocktail party: Instead of the taking the usual route, go the modern way by picking a light-weight Designer saree and earrings with kundhan work. The recent trend suggests a focus on the eye-makeup, when you are attending a party.


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