Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Make an epic love statement this Valentine’s day...bring the history alive!

As the countdown to Valentine's Day begins, have you been fantasizing what to gift your loved one
and how to make the day extra special? Here's to the best valentine's day of your life that goes
beyond the usual suspects of candies & flowers that could win you brownie points. Pothys is getting
ready to instil the Valentine’s Day vibe through its vibrant and delightful collections that come alive
in hand-picked fabrics from the country's finest fashion capitals.

Make a sweeping statement while you glow in the royal splendour of an Anarkali suit while you
revive the fabled tale of love of Salim-Anarkali. As beautiful as the ravishing courtesan Anarkali,
whose love affair with Prince Salim is the most colourful chapter of the Mughal history, the
spectacular Indian gown has been stirring up the fashion scene from the Mughal era and has evolved
timelessly to reflect the new-age woman who wants to look modern even in a classic silhouette. 


A Saree clad woman is the epitome of perfection and adding further excitement while keeping in
mind the colour-palette this season, Pothys, brings out some of its richly woven saree collections
that have an impeccable sense of class & elegance. While paying a tribute to the luxurious Indian
weaves in breathtaking hues, the love couture from Pothys is sure to make you dazzle in a splash of
fetching colours. The grace a sari gives an Indian woman is beyond comparison. Check out Pothys’
silk saree collection for more. 

Like our rich portfolio of apparel for women, Pothys comes armed with its share of goodies for Men
as well - With gleaming silk cotton and traditional dhotis bordered in vibrant hues. In other words
exploring Pothys this week is going to be full of surprises and fun discoveries. 

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