Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fashion Forecasting

Have you wondered why specific colours affect you so much? We are all born under a particular zodiac sign and these signs can actually give you some of the precise answers to your fashion sense and favorite shades!

This week, we did some research into what colours suit what Zodiac sign the best. Shop for these shades to find out how your week changes!

Aries: You're a sign of passion, high energy and enthusiasm. You are creative, yet a little less confident in carrying the loudest or boldest prints. Pink, a delicate colour is the perfect option for you this week! This colour will suit your temperament and keep you positive and glowing.


Taurus: The Taurus personality includes reliability, practicality, ambition, positivity and independence. You love experimenting with prints & the colour for you this week is Black –the colour of mystery! Something surprising is waiting ahead of you. Wear black to unveil the secret!

Gemini: All you Gemini’s love to experiment with style. You are confident in carrying even the simplest styles as well as the extremes. White is the colour for you to experiment with this week! White represents peace and harmony and is the colour of perfection. Wear white for a peaceful and a harmonious week.

Cancer: The colour for you this week is –Maroon. It symbolizes fun, love and gives you energy to stay on top of things with a passion and zest for the week that is full of interesting events waiting for you. Your love for bold colours reflects on your strong characteristics that include creativity, spontaneity, loyalty, and generosity.

Leo: You are all about the classic pieces and sophisticated clothing. Yellow is the shade for you this week! Yellow symbolizes humor, intelligence, courage and strength. It is also a very positive colour. For the dull week ahead, consider focusing on the energy of yellow.

Virgo: When it comes to fashion, you are up for bold colours and beautiful prints. For the puzzling week that is ahead of you, be prepared with purple as it denotes intuition and feminity.

Libra: You love looking elegant and perfect. Go Green this week as the colour of balance and growth which means, the week ahead is going to be bumpy!

ScorpioRed is such an energizing colour and reflects your chic fashion sense. The past week would’ve been exhausting and tiring for you! Kick start off this week with a bright red colour.

Sagittarius: You love fashion when it’s fun! This week, Violet will pull you out and energize you when you feel overwhelmed. This funky shade is what you need for the overwhelming week ahead.

Capricorn: For the perfectionist and effortlessness in you, Magenta is a colour for you this week. Magenta represents universal harmony and emotional balance. Look at the following week with spiritual yet practical sense for it is filled with loads of interesting events.

Aquarius: Lover of bright shades and bold patterns? Orange is the colour of diversity, sociability and a symbol of harmony. The following week has new people and new opportunities. Wear Orange to make face them with full josh.

PiscesBlue - the colour for the fashionista you are! Blue symbolizes creativity, perceptivity and sensitivity. Suit up in blue to sharpen your senses for the week ahead is geared up with competitive events.

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