Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Take the Silk Route

Ask any Indian women what her saree means to her, her reply will be “it means the world”. And no woman in history has ever said no to shopping Silk sarees. The number of sarees one owns is never enough!

Sarees are popular because of their uniqueness, beauty and the reflection of the craftsman’s love for weaving! From having just traditional motifs, silks sarees have evolved to being a canvas, where the artist tries to implement new ideas and innovative techniques.

There will be a huge development in the designs if you compare your grandmother’s saree to your mother’s and your mother’s to yours! The transformation is massive but the interesting fact is that it is highly welcomed by women of all age!
New age women like their wardrobe to have a mix of everything and not just what’s trending. At Pothys, we have everything from ancient motifs like yazhi, manga, chakram to trending designs like ikat, chevron prints, and temple borders to a fusion of both!

Here’s a list of our silk saree collections.

-- New arrivals --

Paithani silks: are famous for their subtle square and kaleidoscopic-coloured designs, peacock embedded pallu, and magnificent tapestry artworks. The zari is woven so close that it looks like a mesmerizing mirror to the beholder.

Venkatagiri Silks: Known for its rich, fine weaving and generous use of zari, these sarees feature motifs of peacocks, parrots, swans, mangoes and leaves in its traditional style of weaving.

-- Light weight silks --

Tussar silks: Tussar silk takes up colours quite easily due to its rich texture and the final product is a saree with a rich, deep hue with a natural shine.

Organza silks: Organza silk sarees are thinner and more lightweight than any other saree and are great for semi-formal and casual occasions.

Mysore silks: An exquisitely complicated process of selecting the finest silk yarn and making a resplendent saree out of it has been perfected.

-- Our Flagship collection --

Samudrika sarees: These meticulously designed sarees have become the last word in craftsmanship in silk. This quintessence of ethereal beauty can multiply the grace of the woman wearing it.

Vastrakala sarees: Intricate and breathtaking Zardozi embroidery plays hide-and-seek with beautiful beads, stones and a variety of other embellishments. We call this celestial creation a Vastrakala Pattu saree.

Parampara saree: The Parampara Pattu is an amalgam of traditional weaving methods and contemporary designs, motifs and colours. These fusion silks are the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

Vasundhara sarees: Named after Mother Earth, these stunning silks capture the essence of our planet – a breathing, living, effervescent phenomenon that displays all the beauty that nature can endow.

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