Monday, March 16, 2015

Love for Silk Sarees!

Our love for silk sarees is never ending. They are timeless, eternal and absolutely gorgeous. There are
many different types of pattu sarees. At Pothys, our designers bring immense joy weaving the most alluring attire ever in the name of Vasundhra pattu. This saree adds grandeur by its rich embellishments and unique designs. The saree is woven with pure silk and half fine zari and is a must-have in your collection.

Know more about the place from where we get our gorgeous silk sarees: `

Popularly known as The Silk City, Kanchipuram is referred to as South India's place for Pattu. It is famous in India as producers of exquisite and much sought after saris, especially for weddings, many with elaborate borders, heavy embroidery and embellishment work and gold threads.

According to history, the town became famous during Krishna-Deva Raya’s reign when 2 weaving communities, the Saligars and the Devangas moved there from Andhra Pradesh. Their move to this tiny town was credited to the hundred plus beautiful temples, which would thereby attract many silk saree clad women for the various religious functions. This vocation continues to be the primary profession of the people living in and around the temple town.

Pattu podavais are an extravagance and hence special. They are an essential component of South Indian weddings and celebrations. The heavy saris with their rich weave and gold borders are very well-liked, particularly in South India. Be it simple contrast border sarees or those with gold zari dots and patterns, the sarees are unique and elegant with their exceptional and beautiful colour combinations.

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