Monday, March 23, 2015

Sarees for a Summer Soiree

Dressing in summer has always been a challenge.  But during the summer months when it’s blazing hot, it’s easy for those basic outfits to fall a little flat. So this summer we have introduced a new range of designer sarees. One might think designer sarees are heavy and grand but this new range of designer sarees is vibrant and made out of lightweight fabrics.  

So here are also a few ways in which you can drape these gorgeous lightweight designer sarees:
1.The dhoti style drape: Popularized by many film stars, this new way of wearing the saree seems to be quite a hit. It is worn in a fashion similar to the Maharashtrian style of draping but with a modern twist to it. When worn with delicate materials like chiffon or net sarees it can wonderfully enhance a tall and delicate frame.

2.Use belts: Pairing your saree with a belt is the latest fashion trend. It will help you acquire that perfect hourglass without much effort. It will make you feel feminine, taller & elegant!

3.The saree gown: It effortlessly combines the sensuous style of a saree with the elegance of an evening gown to create the ideal outfit for the contemporary woman. It usually comes in a pre-stitched form, but many even prefer to drape it this way. A delicate silk or chiffon saree works best with long blouses to create the impression of a lovely, flowing gown. It is usually draped a little low on the waist with a very thin pallu over the shoulder to show off the form fitting blouse.

4.Jackets: While wearing saree, you must be willing to go all out. Swap those old blouses and opt for silhouettes that are contemporary and modern instead. You can even pair it with a kurti or a jacket to give it a stunning look. Be bold and fearless but don’t forget to keep it simple! 

5.Crop top Blouses:You can switch your simple blouses with a gorgeous crop top and then drape the saree just the way you want to. Go for a striped crop top with a plain saree or a velvet crop top with a bright saree. 

These are some simple ways to make sure your saree draping for this summer is trendy and stunning! To get some beautiful designer sarees that will make you look feel as light as a feather you can visit our store our log in to