Monday, March 9, 2015

Salwar Season!

One of the ethnic Indian outfits that occupy the most space in any Indian woman's wardrobe is the salwar-kurta. Being the most comfortable and the most adaptable outfit, it certainly deserves a special and large space in every girl's closet. Moreover, under the hands of modern day fashion designers this ethnic outfit has now transformed into fashionable attire for style conscious young ladies. Thanks also goes to the modern day Bollywood divas and ramp models who have worn the salwar- kurta for all kinds of functions, occasions and fashion shows.

Some tips on buying designs that will make you look thin & gorgeous:

1. Length: Longer length kurtas are not just in fashion but also have a tendency to make one look tall and slim. While, your kurta should always be a few inches longer than your knees, avoid short kurtis. Long heavily flared kurta will make you look smart and elegant.

2. Fabric: Despite, the latest rage for fabrics like net, tissue, and organza, try to avoid them if you if you want to look slimmer. You can go in for equally stylish fabrics like crepe, chiffon, cotton silk and georgette for a flattering appeal. While, most fabrics look good on slim women, very thin women should avoid materials that have a tendency to stick to the body like crepe and chiffon.

3. Colour: Go for lighter shades like yellow, blue, pink & white. However, if you are on the slimmer side and have a fair complexion, pastel colors such as peach, lilac, aqua, or soft green can make you look charming.

4. Footwear: A highly effective fashion tip is to wear high heels whenever you want to feel or look thin. No matter what color, design, fabric, or style of your salwar kurta, you can look slimmer in an instant. All you need to do is to just slip into your favorite pair of heels.

5. Stitch it right: Last but not the least; you should be very careful of the design of your salwar kurta. If your outfit is stitched well and fits you nicely, it can automatically make you look graceful, attractive and slimmer. So pay extra attention to the fitting; your dress should neither be figure-hugging nor too loose. While, there are a number of salwar kurta designs available like anarakalis, A-line suits, short kurtis, asymmetrical salwar kurta, chinese collared long kurta and long kurtas with palazzos, the designing and style of your salwar kurta depends on your style and body type.

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