Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Colour-code your Wardrobe!

As Spring sets in Mother Nature transforms your surroundings into a technicolour wonder! The festival of Holi celebrates this transformation.

Taking inspiration from this, we have curated from our collections designs that are vary from the traditional to the trendy, colours that range from the bold to subtle earthy shades. We hope that you are able to find your favourites amongst all this variety!

As a tribute to the festival of Holi, shop from the varied selection of colours and look great with minimal effort. You can incorporate these styles in your work wear, office party, family gatherings and many other occasions.

1. Always have a few ethnic clothes in Red for wedding related festivities! Red being an ethnic colour in the wedding dictionary, you cannot go wrong in choosing a cherry red saree or a dark maroon-red anarkali for the wedding reception.


2. Blue tends to bring out a sense of calm and peace and should be a staple in everyone’s cupboard. On a bright sunny day, you cannot go wrong with dark blue cotton saree for a business meet or a sky blue salwar suit to work.


3. Green is a colour that suits many a skin tone and is perfect for any occasion. When you have a house party or a family gathering pick a light green design or if it is a more festive occasion choose a jewel toned shade to stand out in the crowd.


4. Cheer yourself up on a dull day with Yellow. The refreshing and bright nature of the colour, will get your day going. If you have had a long day and then have to attend an event/function, pick a slightly darker shade with some embellishments.


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