Thursday, March 31, 2016

Summer Treats for your Wardrobe!

The sun is shining brighter than ever and it’s time to get rid of the warm clothes. This summer, pack your closet with light weight, soft and comfortable clothes.

Keep these 3 things in mind while you shop:

1. Fabric: If the material feels thick or coarse, drop it.

2. Colour: The saying “Do not wear black on a sunny day” is not a myth! The truth is that, the colour black and any dark shade for that matter absorbs heat and makes you feel hotter.

3. Type: On a general note, stick to wearing moderately fitting clothes. Clothes that fit perfectly can be suffocating and can become a nuisance. The type of dress you wear on a summer day can make or break your day!

Ethnic wear has got the widest collection to choose from. From sarees to salwar suits to festive lehengas, we have something for everyone’s need! At least 60% of Indian women wear sarees on a regular basis. It is a wonder how they pull it off with such ease and style, be it at work or at home! In attempt to make it easy and interesting for saree lovers, at Pothys, we have aisles and floors of sarees in various fabrics, colours, designs.

Summer is also a time when festivities and events pop up every so frequently. Silk sarees are what one will be expected to wear. When attending a formal event or a family function, the must-haves in your wardrobe are Tussar silk, Uppada silk, Ikat silk and Soft silks. For other casual, informal events try these - Georgette designer sarees, Chiffon, Linen sarees, Organza and Mysore silk sarees and for the daily-affairs, pile up on Pure cotton, Silk cotton, Maheshwar cotton and Bengal cotton.



From the remaining 40% of Indian women, 25% wear salwar suits. It is the second most comfortable outfit on any given day. It is desired by women of all ages because of its versatility. There will atleast be two salwar suits/ kurti in every women’s wardrobe. There are simple, casual work wear designs to grand designer, festive ones. Along with sarees, we also have trendy readymade designer suits and unstitched salwar sets fitting everyone’s budget and needs.

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