Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ethnic Essentials

There are a number of choices when it comes to choosing ethnic wear. Beautifully embroidered sarees, colorful thread work, prints, zari and more!

To simplify your shopping, we bring you five timeless categories that one must own at least one design of:

1. The Silk Saree: Different types of clothing come and go, but the one attire that manages to stay a constant is the silk saree! Be it your grandmother’s wardrobe or yours, you know there is a silk saree in it. Silk sarees are classy, elegant and can also be dressed up or down according to the occasion.


2. Chudhidhar Sets: When it comes to everyday wear, there is nothing like a gorgeous chudhidhar sets. Simple, elegant, formal, and classy is what this apparel looks like, and we’re sure you would love to have all of that when it comes to comfortable ethnic wear. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics and color options according to the event/ usage. You can complete your look with a dupatta or not!

3. Anarkali: An Indian woman’s wardrobe is not complete unless it has at least one Anarkali. Anarkalis have undergone various transformations and are one of the reasons why they are perfect for every occasion. Be it a wedding, festival, family gathering, family dinner, cocktail party or a religious function this outfit type makes sure you look absolutely gorgeous!


4. Designer sarees: Donned by many an Indian celebrity, designer sarees are trendsetters. It gives a very sophisticated, classy and elegant look to women and is often referred to as a style that meets perfection. There are different types of designer sarees available – velvet,
georgette, satin, lace & much more! You need at least one designer saree in your wardrobe. And make sure to update the designs as the trend changes!


5. Traditional Accessories: No accessory in this world can add glamour to your Indian attire than a classy piece of ethnic jewelry. A nice collection of ear rings, chains, bracelets or anklets can add an ethnic touch to your attire, without much investment.

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